Blue: The Color of Noise by Steve Aoki, Daniel Paisner

Download books as pdf from google books Blue: The Color of Noise 9781250111678 by Steve Aoki, Daniel Paisner in English

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  • Blue: The Color of Noise
  • Steve Aoki, Daniel Paisner
  • Page: 224
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781250111678
  • Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group

Blue: The Color of Noise

Download books as pdf from google books Blue: The Color of Noise 9781250111678 by Steve Aoki, Daniel Paisner in English

The music. The mix. His life. "Sometimes I think my whole life can be seen through shades of blue..." —Steve Aoki Blue is the remarkable story—in pictures and words—of Steve Aoki, the superstar DJ/producer who started his career as a vegan straightedge hardcore music kid hellbent on defying his millionaire father, whose unquenchable thirst to entertain—inherited from his dad, Rocky Aoki, founder of Benihana—led him to global success and two Grammy nominations. Ranked among the top ten DJs in the world today, Grammy-nominated artist, producer, label head, fashion designer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Steve Aoki is an authentic global trendsetter and tastemaker who has been instrumental in defining contemporary youth culture. Known for his outrageous stage antics (cake throwing, champagne spraying, and the ‘Aoki Jump’) and his endearing personality, Steve is also the brains behind indie record label Dim Mak, which broke acts such as The Kills, Bloc Party, and The Gossip. Dim Mak also put out the first releases by breakout EDM stars The Chainsmokers and The Bloody Beetroots, as well as the early releases for Grammy-nominated artist Iggy Azalea, in addition to EDM star Zedd and electro duo MSTRKFT. In Blue, Aoki recounts the epic highs of music festivals, clubs and pool parties around the world, as well as the lows of friendships lost to drugs and alcohol, and his relationship with his flamboyant father. Illustrated with candid photos gathered throughout his life, the book reveals how Aoki became a force of nature as an early social media adopter, helping to turn dance music into the phenomenon it is today. All this, while remaining true to his DIY punk rock principles, which value spontaneity, fun and friendship above all else—demonstrable by the countless cakes he has flung across cities worldwide.

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